Canadian Rockies Whisky

Whisky has a rich history in Canada. Since the 18th Century, distillers have produced whiskies renowned for being balanced, yet subtle. Canadian Rockies Whisky carries on this long standing tradition. While previous releases of Canadian Rockies have been for export only, we are proud to offer this whisky to the Canadian market.

History of Canadian Whisky

Canada has a rich history of making whisky since the 18th century. The very first record of whisky-making indicated Quebec as the origin. Later on more European immigrants such as the Dutch and Germans added rye to the flavor profile; which was a critical turning point that made our Canadian whisky distinctly unique.

These new milestones records the history of our Canadian Whisky:

Molson Distillery (1821-1867)

Gooderham and Worts (1831-1957)

Corby (1855 – now)

Seagram (1857-now)

Hiram Walker (1858-now)

American Prohibition (1920-1933) to the rescue

One challenge that Canadian distillers shared was that the market for whisky in Canada was steadily declining until the American prohibition came into effect. The prohibition south of the border created a large demand for our Canadian whisky, which in turn reignited the industry in Canada. Canadian whisky supplemented the massive southern market via medicinal use or smuggling.

Source: Canadian Whisky, the Portable Expert by Davin De Kergommeaux 2012


Canadian whisky is made of corn, rye, wheat and barley.

Each grain is distilled using different stills (column, pot, kettle and hybrid), and then matured separately in oak barrels.

The different grain whiskies are then blended together, prior to bottling.

Canadian whisky is primarily matured using ex-bourbon American white oak barrels

Canadian Rockies Brand

We chose to name our whisky after an iconic landscape – the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The harsh winter symbolizes the many seasons the whisky has slept through in order to achieve such maturity.

The rough landscape and stunning scenery of the Rockies depicts the complex flavour and lengthy finish of our whisky

Canadian Rockies Story

From the alcohol and wood aroma filled warehouse, we carefully select the aged Canadian whisky. These hand-picked barrels bear a common theme – a whisky that represents Canada’s spirit and taste.

While the purity of glacier water helps the distillation process, the ancient water also adds character to our whisky. The result is a balanced whisky showing layered notes of aged grain, cedar, pine, and hints of citrus.

The scarcity of aged Canadian whisky in the market means that Canadian Rockies whisky is one of the rarest bottlings available. The limited releases make collectors, and connoisseurs alike treasure each encounter.


Canadian Rockies 21 year old is one of the oldest expressions of Canadian whisky in Canada. Most of the quality Canadian whiskies bearing an age statement are exported to the USA and overseas.

The well-aged 21 year old whisky is made with glacier water from the Rocky Mountains.

Tasting Notes

The complex, exotic fruit salad and faint lilac-like flowers that characterized the original remain, along with blistering white pepper, sweet oak caramels, and crisp, clean barrel notes on a luxurious, creamy palate. (Canada only) —Davin de Kergommeaux.

Advanced Whisky Advocate magazine rating: 92

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